"I believe all things work together for the good."

As a person of faith, I've always believed that all things work together for my good. And the fact that I'm standing here is proof of that. I grew up in Oakland, CA. Full of fear and uncertainty. Masking it all in control tendencies. My father was an addict and alcoholic for most of my childhood, and my mom was full of fear. Their divorce led me to a place I had never even heard of, just north of my hometown, where eventually I would meet my now husband and start our family.

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"The 24 hours that would set the course for today."

This led me to want to raise my family anywhere but California and live in Louisiana, which led me to say yes to helping create a ministry in Houston, where I began to write my first book. After that season, we said yes to going back to Louisiana, where I finished that book that led me to a conference in Charlotte, NC, where I met my first Chillicothian, which brought me here in 2017 for the 24 hours that would set the course for today.

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"A God-sized pull led me to Chillicothe."

When you say yes to one thing, you say no to many other things. And adversely, I'm sure, if you say no to something, you say yes to something else—often things you don't enjoy. I know a little about saying yes. As many could tell you, I need accountability in that area. I get excited about new ideas and helping others and sometimes say yes before realizing the cost. But then there are other times when I say yes out of sheerly knowing that if I don't, I will regret it for the rest of my days—knowing that there is an intense, otherworldly impact that hinges on my yes.

In 2017, there was a group of yeses that led me here. My first time in Chillicothe, I was only supposed to come, deliver a service, and go home. But on a quick walk downtown, I felt a God-sized pull on my heart to move here. To plant roots and be a part of change here in Chillicothe. I felt my heart answer yes immediately.

Spotlight on Jade Berry

"Say yes, even when it feels scary."

I have felt my heart grow deeper and deeper roots with every sunrise and sunset here. I have felt more like a native here than in any place I've ever lived. I have never known the heartbeat of humanity as I know it now. And all I want to do with everything in me is to protect that heartbeat and every purpose birthed from it.
I want to encourage you too to say yes! Even when it feels scary. Because most of the time, that's when it's most valuable. Say yes when everyone else is saying no. Say Yes to forward motion, no to complacency. Say yes to putting others first, and no to personal agenda. Say yes to more us, and no to more of me. And most importantly, say no. Say no to fear, to I can't, to impossible. And say no to your past failures. Say no to the lies that creep in to steal the truth that you have a purpose right where you are.

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