When you’re a budding entrepreneur or a small business owner (or just beginning and barely imagine yourself as either) it can be easy to feel isolated as you put in the hard work (and long hours!) to grow your business. One of the core missions of The Fort Collective project is to support the next generation of leaders, achievers, and entrepreneurs—our coworking space will be a cornerstone of that mission. 

Say bye-bye to those long, lonely hours and enjoy the company of like-minded people in a modern, spacious, casual yet professional environment to get your work done. Here’s what you can expect from the coworking component of a project that’s inspiring a community to dare to dream bigger:

What’s the location & how big is the coworking space?

Located at The Fort Collective on the corner of N Mulberry & E 2nd St in Chillicothe, the space is approximately 750 square feet and has been designed with comfort, productivity, and collaboration in mind.

Will I get a designated desk & how much is it?

A man sitting a small writers desk with a cup of coffee and a laptop typing.

The space will offer both “hot” and designated desk options for lease. Key card access will be from 7am-7pm Monday-Saturday. Costs* are:

  • 1 Day | $15
  • 1 Week | $50
  • 1 Month | $175 per month
  • 3 Months | $150 per month
  • Apply now here

*3 designated permanent desks available at an extra cost.

Will it be noisy or tucked away from other precincts?

The Fort co-working space is tucked away in a corner of The Fort and separate to the general cafe seating area (and on the other side of the play area and outdoor patio)—meaning you will have a quiet space to think and focus. Plus, you’ll have convenient access to restrooms (they’re just across the hallway) and be able to maximize your work time.

What other perks come with The Fort co-working space?

Other benefits include super-fast internet, comfortable seating and desks as well as super easy access to amenities. The nearby Rost Coffee Roasters & Cafe will be the perfect place to slow down, enjoy watching the roasting process or hand-brewed coffees and enjoy the traditional espresso menu paired with in-house pastries and their unique take on a classic American breakfast and lunch items.

How do I secure a spot at the co-working space?

You can apply now for a co-working space at The Fort Collective here.

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