There’s something really special about seeing a community like Chillicothe grow. Over the years I’ve watched Chillicothe’s historic downtown become a strong focal point of the quickly-expanding town.

As an investor and co-founder of The Fort Collective—I want to contribute to that forward momentum by helping to create a truly unique gathering place for all walks of life in this great town.

When we were looking for local opportunities to invest in people and a community—Chillicothe and The Fort Collective were simply the ideal fit. This project is the perfect combination of bringing a current business into The Fort Collective (Rost Coffee) while creating something entirely new that the community has never experienced before.

Although we struggled initially with the design and figuring out which footprint would work best in the space available, the outcome of that process has allowed us to design The Fort Collective in a way that will allow for future expansion if needed. 

For now, this is such an exciting combination of retail spaces, office spaces, a great coffee shop (even though I personally don’t drink coffee!), and a modern eatery (but I do love food!). Rost Coffee Roastery & Cafe is one of the offerings I’m most excited about. There are some great places to eat in downtown Chillicothe but I’m looking forward to the food, the service, and the atmosphere we hope to create for the community. Plus, I can’t wait to watch Trent and the Rost Coffee team roast coffee in the enclosed area we’ve constructed for everyone to view. 

Steve Moore and Alan Strudwick, Co-Founders of The Fort Collective discussing construction plans for The Fort Collective.

The Fort Collective is such a unique intersection of business, community, and entrepreneurs where I believe people won’t be able to help but feel uplifted and more connected by simply stepping foot inside. 

In ten years time, I want to be able to look back and say that I was part of creating a central gathering place for people, regardless of their background, to dream big, to pursue the seemingly impossible, and to be surrounded by others in their hometown all doing the same. I hope you will too.

Steve Moore,

Co-founder, The Fort Collective

More About Steve Moore

Steve is the current President/CEO and majority owner of Wastren Advantage, Inc. (WAI), headquartered in Southern Ohio with offices and affiliations throughout the US. WAI has increased sales and profitably throughout Steve’s leadership and currently have hundreds of employees, subcontractors, and affiliates with offices in every time zone in the US. 

Outside of WAI, Steve has served on several boards including the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth (APEG), Shawnee State University, and numerous other nonprofits. He is also a founding member of two private equity companies: The Tri State Angel Investment Group (TSAIG) which has the primary goal of investing in startups in Southern Ohio, Eastern KY, and western West Virginia and the Daniel Investment Group which is focused on faith-based and community enterprises nationally. Steve resides in Otway, Ohio with his wife Jenny.

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