525,600 MINUTES

2023 offers you a fresh 525,600 minutes to steward.

It's like we blinked, and here we are in 2023. Time flies, it's true. But you, my friend, are the pilot. This new year offers every single one of us 525,600 minutes to steward and "fly" well. 📸 photo credit: Shane Rounce

525,600 MINUTES

What season of life are you in?

Time is our most valuable commodity. Stewarding it well can look like pausing to ask yourself, "What season am I in?" Because what worked in one season, may not work in another aka this one. When we are aware of the season of life we are in, we will be able to see our "YES," and easily eliminate the "noes," simplify and bring our best self/energy to the table.

525,600 MINUTES

Nature offers us wisdom.

Nature is an excellent teacher if we are teachable. A great example is trees that have gone dormant in the winter season. These trees go dormant for the winter, because they've sensed a shift in levels of daylight. It's at this point that they begin making changes at the cellular level to become more tolerant of cold temperatures. A tree's metabolism, and other internal processes, also slow down to conserve energy. Very relatable, right? There are going to be times that we just do not have the bandwidth, and it's necessary to scale back. Problem is, we need to slow down to listen to that nudge in our soul whispering, please slow down, recognize what this season has to offer, and make peace with that.

525,600 MINUTES

Hustle-culture is not sustainable.

Taking time to rest your mind, remember your "why," and simplifying life goes directly against the hustle-culture ideology that we're bombarded with daily. But this culture is not sustainable; quite frankly, it's toxic. The "rise and grind" mindset creates an atmosphere where you cannot get off the hamster wheel to pilot your time and maximize your quality of life. Say NO to it, simplify, and maximize your quality of life in every single area. Our hope at The Fort is for you to carve out time this season for good coffee, friendships, and conversations that spark uncharted potential on the inside of you and others. Cheers to 2023, may it be your best yet!

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