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"I grew up building all kinds of forts when I was a kid; what kid didn’t? My younger brothers and I used to create some epic forts. Our backyard was home to pretty much every kid in the neighborhood, large in part because of a tree fort we had built with a nice little strategic perch walking out on a limb overhanging our trampoline.
Epic times were had for sure, but for me, that fort was a place where my (day) dreams came alive. It caused everyone to daydream and play through the days and nights. As the business model developed for what is now “ The Fort Collective,” it was the first thing that came to me. It has to be called The Fort. It has to be the place that brings the “neighborhood kids” together to dream and have fun again!" Trent Fannin


Keep going, keep dreaming, keep reaching—it is only via the climb that you can breathe in the crisp, fresh air of the capstone!

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