If you’ve visited us at The Fort Collective, you’ve probably met Ben Thompson, the owner of Hometown Threads located inside The Fort. You can’t miss him. He’s always wearing a big smile and has a joyful disposition that lights up any room.  If you know, you know! 

Ben recalls the days of his youth. A young boy that loved basketball, golf, and rooting for his favorite team, Ohio State. Saying his childhood was pretty normal for the most part, but there were two significant events that marked his life with great purpose.

The first significant event was when he was four years old. He had a vivid dream. This dream carried a message that lodged itself deep in the caverns of his heart. The message—a life devoted to encouraging others in their faith in God. And even at the tender age of 4, his life was marked by this dream.

“All these years later, that dream still carries significant weight, as I continue to carry a passion for building up and encouraging those around me to live a life filled with faith in God.”

The second significant event that marked Ben’s life happened when he was about six years old. At 6, he began helping his grandfather work his lemon shake stand at various festivals and events. Alongside his grandfather, he found joy in serving the best lemon shakes the world has ever tasted! He also learned the value of hard work. After his grandfather’s passing, Ben took over the stand, and to this day still runs the stand at a few events each year.

These two significant experiences marked Ben with purpose—to love God and to love people. 

“I love to serve others and make their life better, whether it’s through encouraging them in their faith or by creating a product that makes their vision come to life. To me, both are meaningful and impactful. I’m happy to serve my community in any way I can!” 

Ben is married to the love of his life, Heidi, and they live in Chillicothe, Ohio, and own two local businesses, Hometown Apparel and Screen Printing and Hometown Threads. Hometown Apparel and Screen Printing provides customized apparel, promotional needs, employee uniforms, + more. ​And Hometown Threads is the downtown shop, where they enjoy connecting people with their hometown pride in local designs.

He expresses excitement in continuing to build relationships with the local community and encouraging those around him to discover their purpose in life too. Because finding it not only gives life to those around you, but it gives life back to you. You will feel built up and experience the grace that comes from doing what you were created to do!

Cheers to the journey of discovering YOUR purpose!

To find out more about Hometown Threads follow them on Instagram, Facebook, or visit The Fort Collective.

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