Matt Day is a professional photographer from southern Ohio. He’s spent his entire life capturing moments, both through the lens of photography and through his creative brain. His journey began at 13 years old, when his brother was severely injured and Matt was tasked with documenting the recovery and his own daily life in the ensuing months. Since then, he’s been documenting moments with a camera, both everyday and extraordinary.

As a film photographer, he specializes in honest images, unflinching visions of what it means to be truly human. The tactile process of shooting and developing film is his way of processing daily life, archiving moments, and finding meaning through each and every one of them. He’s published a book, Friend of Mine, highlighting the people and places of Matt’s hometown of Chillicothe, Ohio, and his most recent work, Social Distancing, focuses on the early stages of the 2020 global pandemic. 

“In the end, I photograph my life, both the exciting moments and quiet days spent at home. Each photo reminds me of how important the moments in our life are, and how we need to appreciate each and every one of them,” Matt says. 

While film photography is his true passion, he’s developed into a leading mind in the photography community. He’s expanded his work into the world of YouTube and Instagram, where he shares creative and personal advice to the photo community. His willingness to share what he’s learned through years of experience has built an audience of more than 100,000 online. Through his content, he’s covered subjects ranging from shooting and developing film to finding inspiration and choosing the right camera. 

Through his professional services, he’s available to shoot weddings, family portraits, events, and more, as well as provide one-on-one mentorship sessions for aspiring photographers.

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