Hometown Threads

We love our hometown.

Hometown Threads was created for a community of people who are proud of where they come from and want fashionable and comfortable apparel to display their hometown pride. We believe in partnering with a purpose—you will find quality products from local artisans that are using resources to help tackle real-world problems.

What to Expect at Hometown Threads

Step into a fresh, natural light-filled space, with stylish locally themed Ohio and Chillicothe apparel for those proud of where they’re from! Shop the best quality and comfortable t-shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks you can find, AND know that it’s all driven by a heart for people and community. These are quality products from local artisans using resources to tackle real-world problems.
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 10am – 7pm
Saturday – 9am – 7pm