A city so nice, it was the capital twice.

We’re throwing it wayyy back for today's Throwback Thursday. Did you know that Chillicothe was the capital of Ohio, not once, but TWICE? Yes, you heard that right. Chillicothe is a city so nice, it was the capital twice, and Hometown Threads has a cool t-shirt celebrate, and brag about it.


Chillicothe as the county seat.

In 1796, Nathaniel Massie laid out the town on the Scioto River. This community multiplied, becoming a center of political influence within the Northwest Territory. The town originally consisted of 456 lots. Massie promised to give away one hundred lots to the first settlers. By late 1796, several taverns, stores, and artisan shops had been built. In 1798, Ross County became incorporated with Chillicothe as the county seat.


Chillicothe, Ohio's first state capital.

In 1800, the territorial capital moved to Chillicothe, and in 1802 as Ohio moved toward statehood, the city hosted the Ohio Constitutional Convention. Chillicothe became Ohio's first state capital. The capital returned to Chillicothe two years later, only to move to Columbus, forty-five miles to the north, in 1816.


Celebrating our hometown of Chillicothe.

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