The Fort Is Family.

How do you create a space with a feeling in mind? A space that when someone walks in they immediately feel like they just got home? By putting the individual people who are going to experience it first. By imagining every meal our thoughtful staff will serve customers at Rost Coffee Roastery & Cafe—the beaming kids who’ll play in The Fort Kids play areas—creating the perfect gift experience for someone you love (and for yourself) at The Fort Gift Collective—and of course that moment when a customer walks in and says “whoa, this is in Chillicothe?”. Yes, it is (or at least it will be). 

The Fort Collective is a meaningful space for the whole community to enjoy and to connect. It’s another great space (because there are so many in our downtown) that continue to foster the spirit of Downtown Revitalization. So what exactly makes The Fort like family—here are just some of the ways we’re working to make it a place synonymous with a true this feels like family atmosphere:

At The Fort, Step Inside and Slow Down

The open concept layout of The Fort means you’ll feel relaxed as soon as you step foot inside—slow down your pace, find those friends you were meeting, gently take your kid’s hand, enjoy delightful food and enjoy your conversation. You’ll be able to easily flow between the restaurant, the play area, restrooms, outdoor patio, and retail shops while avoiding the elements and making an afternoon of it.

Eat With People You Love

The interior has been designed to provide a comfortable space where you can meet friends and family and enjoy a relaxed meal together. Consider The Fort your perfect space to get away for your morning brunch, lunchtime pause, or afternoon resting pad.

Enjoy Sun on the Patio

The outdoor patio will be your new go-to for relaxed vibes and a popular spot to hang out with old (and new) friends while you watch the world go by. There’s simply nothing like the warmth of the sun on your back on those perfect sunny days.

A Place to Play for the Littles & Tiny Tots Under 5 Years Old (With a Big Window to Keep an Eye on ‘Em)

Hands up who’s ever felt isolated while you chase your kids around the house all day? That’s just one reason why our indoor play area is going to be your new favorite place to take the little ones. You can watch them play in a safe area while you soak up a much-needed breather, refuel and meet and make new friends. (Though, unattended children will be given a free kitten and 5 espressos.) 😉

Park Close Without a Time Meter Rushing You

The Fort isn’t somewhere we want you to rush in and out of because your parking meter is ticking! It’s somewhere to wander around, to pull up a chair at Rost Coffee Roastery & Cafe, explore the cute shops, and stay awhile. The extra on site parking will also be helpful if you’re attending an event at the Majestic Theatre, having dinner at R Kitchen or need easy access to other downtown businesses and eateries.

Don’t get us wrong—we are incredibly excited for all the fun leadership initiatives that we plan on making available and The Fort Collective that will be a hub for leaders, achievers & entrepreneurs to dream bigger. But there’s no question that our goal is to make The Fort Collective one of your favorite places where you feel part of a family, and where you can enjoy time with your loved ones.

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