We are calling all ladies! You do not want to miss the “Flourish in Love” workshop this Sunday, June 13th, from 3 pm—6 pm. Get ready for a fun-filled yet intentional workshop that is all about discovering your identity in Christ and finding your worth and purpose in Him. The workshop is geared toward women from 7th grade to college age, but all ladies are welcome and encouraged to attend. We will have a panel of women from all walks of life to give their perspectives on things like faith, identity, relationships, and more. 

The word flourish is defined as “a period of thriving, a luxuriant growth or profusion.” Flourish in Love is a community, a safe space where you are loved and valued—a place for you to connect and flourish in God’s Love and truth. We invite you to come and become a part of a community whose purpose is to see you grow and flourish in every area of your life! 

We look forward to an evening full of fun, food, worship, laughter, tools/resources, and a life-changing message from our guest speaker Kira Augustine!

The event is hosted by Kindly and located right inside The Fort Collective.

👉👉👉Get tickets here. Hurry, time is running out! 

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Reach out to Deidre Rowland at kindlyatg@gmail.com with any questions. 

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