Dancing into spring anew!

It's spring season, and oh, how wonderful a picture of renewed hope and resurrection. The trees shout joyfully with bursts of green, and the birdies sing! What better time to fully throw off the old and blossom in the new! Stop in to enjoy our new spring findings, and hey, you may find that dress to dance in too!


Our eyes become awake to beauty in the spring.

Yellow blooms the daffodil, like sunshine on a stalk. I bet these friendly flowers talk 'bout all the new and wonderful things popping up! We're embracing all the sunshine in our pockets at The Stack, so stop in to find that style that compliments your sunshine! PS we're excited to be bringing art to the downtown streets on April 29th. Are you an artist or know someone who is? Reach out, we want to hear from you.


Celebrate your roots!

We believe community pride is the foundation for a healthy community, and that's what we aim to build at Hometown Threads. Something like a T-shirt or mug may seem small, but it reflects something much more significant. Click the link to see the winning recipient's t-shirt design for our More than Shirts Scholarship!!


Meet the one and only Nathan Hirschler.

A few months ago, Nathan joined the Rōst team and has been killing it!
After being trained by the incredible folks at Vinyl Coffee, we expected nothing less. You can catch Nathan out on the streets most of the time as he is an astonishing film photographer! Film photography is one of his main passions! When asked why he loves it so much, he said, "Working with a physical medium that you can touch and see is a gratifying experience. The shooting, developing, and printing process has become somewhat of a therapy."
Nathan's go-to coffee drink is a solid shot of espresso, and when he's feeling frisky, you might find him sipping on an oat milk cortado. Make sure to say hi next time you're in!

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