💫 Meet Jade Berry—Owner of The Stack

Speaking of skates, did you know roller skates are making a comeback? We think it’s groovy, but not as groovy as Jade Berry, owner of The Stack. Meet Jade now:

If you don’t know me yet, I think it’s time! My name is Jade Berry and I am the owner of The Stack.

I’m a wife, mother of 5, author, speaker, stylist, business owner, and friend. About a year and a half ago, my family and I took a giant leap of faith and came here to Chillicothe. And we’re so glad we did because we’ve fallen in love with our community and all the people in it.

Opening The Stack was another huge leap of faith! Though I do love to sell awesome clothes and accessories, my heart for The Stack, from the beginning, was that it would be a center point for our community. A place where people could come and be friends, feel supported, encouraged, and are free to be themselves. From this posture, we have been able to love our community in so many ways. From showing young artists their potential to being present for someone when they’re having a hard time to simply enjoying a good laugh with a new friend.

My hope is that we’ve made a positive impact on you and caused you to smile in some way. Know this, you are valued here and we are thankful for you being a part of this journey. 

❤ —JB
P.S. You can find your own groovy roller skates at  The Stack!

Spring Is Here And We’re Ready!

Spring is here and we couldn’t be happier! Stop in and check out our new spring and summer collections for the guys and the gals. Warm weather, here we come! 

Plus, a reminder that sign ups are happening NOW for our New Life Ready April sessions, so head on over to thestack.cc to find out more information and register for the FREE 8-week life and professional skills development program for teens and young adults, ages 15 to 25. The sessions take place right here at The Fort Collective!


Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, and we have your favorite sandals, sunnies, and shelves stocked FULL of spring/summer items + awesome sale racks waiting for you to shop!  Plus, we are excited for you to check out our new white spring/summer dress collection—perfect for graduation or just a sweet sunny day.☀️


Dressing for spring can be tricky. It’s not warm enough for short sleeves, but it’s too warm for a sweatshirt. No worries, we’ve gotcha covered with some stylish long sleeve t-shirts that are perfect for this type of weather. Our best sellers are the Chillicothe Champion baseball t-shirt, the Bridge Street crewneck, and our Chillicothe Star shirt (now in long sleeve). Stop in and check out these favorites + all the new spring items arriving daily in March!


New menu and dinner hours! It’s spring and the weather is amazing. Does it get any better than this? Stop in for dinner and enjoy this patio weather with us!

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