Community is at the heart of The Fort Collective, and coming together to enjoy good coffee, good food, and good company is an essential component of that wider experience. Rost Coffee Roastery & Cafe is a new and contemporary offering for Chillicothe—this won’t be somewhere that people will feel like they’re sitting on top of each other, it has been designed to be spacious, open, and relaxed. 

And while the internal design will set the stage, this special area of The Fort will be brought to life by the community, your conversations, and the pure joy of going somewhere to stay awhile with the people that matter most to you. Here’s what else you can expect:

What kinds of food options will be on offer?

Rost Cafe will be breakfast and lunch focused with in-house baked goods and pastries. Of course, our beloved pop-tarts will make their reappearance and we’re also going to be having clean, healthy smoothies with fresh fruit as well as cold-pressed juices. 

What will the operating hours be?

Rost Coffee Roastery & Cafe will be open 7 am – 7 pm Monday through Saturday. We will be closed on Sundays for now with the potential to expand to opening on Sundays down the road.

What will the seating be like? 

Our seating will be a mixture of comfortable couches and club chairs mixed with table seating for groups of 4-6 people as well as a 12-person community table. Whether you’re wanting to have breakfast and lunch with a coworker or family or sit down for an afternoon book reading session we will accommodate all of it!

How big will the space be & how many people does it cater for?

Rost Coffee Roastery & Cafe will cover approximately 2500 sq feet and will have its own fully equipped kitchen. Approximately 50-60 people will be able to enjoy at any one time.

Is it table service?

Yes—sort of! We will be using a hybrid service system. Once you arrive your order will be taken at the front counter and from there we handle the rest. We will be servicing/delivering all the drinks and food to your table/seat. Make your order, get comfortable and we’ll take care of the rest. 

How does Rost Coffee Roastery & Cafe connect to the other spaces?

Rost Coffee Roastery & Cafe is really the main hub of The Fort Collective—the main seating area directly connects to the kids’ play area  (where your little ones can play while you relax), the outdoor patio, the co-working spaces, and retail areas.

Can I get my food to go?

Absolutely! Eventually, we will be offering coffee, pastries, breakfast and lunch catering options for your office and business meetings, all ordered through our easy-to-use app. 

Will there be off-street parking?

We will be providing approximately 20-25 off-street parking spaces for community members enjoying The Fort as well as a couple of electric charging stations for Teslas and electric cars. 

When will Rost Coffee Roastery & Cafe be completed?

A completion date is anticipated for the entire building by late fall/early winter 2019. 

Wait–what about the coffee?

We will still be offering the greatest cups of coffee around town. 😉 

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